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  Excerpt from the “Mountain and the Wall” (translated by Carol Apollonio)

A “Shaitans” short story from the “Read Russia” anthology (translated by Marian Schwartz)

A “Thirteen” short story in
The Missing Slate magazine (translated by Isaac Stackhouse Wheeler)

Excerpt from the novel “Die Russische Mauer” (translated by Christiane Körner)

Excerpt from the novel “Eine Liebe im Kaukasus” (translated by Christiane Körner)

Excerpt from the novel “La montagne du festin” (translated by Veronique Patte) 

Excerpt from the “Bride and Groom” in Arabic

Escerpt from the novel De Russische muur” (translated by Annelies de Hertogh and Els de Roon Hertoge)



 Interview in the Spanish Quimera magazine 

Interview for the Norwegian Fett magazine

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