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On the 18th of November Alisa Ganieva talked on the live TV-show on the Culture channel.




Alisa Ganieva's novel Bride and Groom is coming out in English early next year (Deep Vellum, USA). The World Literature Today magazine has already published a review on the upcoming book.




On November 17, Alisa Ganieva, together with the editor-in-chief of Forbes Woman magazine, Yulia Chaykina, gave a public talk at the Simple Fest wine festival.




Alisa Ganieva and seven other Neustadt jurors from around the world awarded the Haitian/American author Edwidge Danticat.




Alisa Ganieva's new short story.





This year Alisa Ganieva worked as one of the jurors of the International Neustadt Prize for literature (so called American Nobel). She came to Norman, Oklahoma (USA) to deliberate with other jurors and to give some readings and talks.



A new short story from Alisa Ganieva.




"One important aspect of analyzing the repetition of history is the intertextual level of Ganieva’s novel". Anni Lappela from the University of Helsinki wrote the academic article "The Dialogic Nature of Dystopia in Alisa Ganieva's Novel The Mountain and the Wall". It was published in the last issue of a notable Nordlit journal (Norway).


Alisa Ganieva together with the writers Liza Aleksandrova-Zorina, Sasja Filipenko and Sergej Lebedev came to the Baltic Centre for Writers and Translators on the Gotland island to meet their Swedish colleagues and discuss writers' situation, freedom of speech in Russia and Sweden today and how writers can cooperate and promote exchange and translations. The writers also gave a public talk in the Visby library.


Alisa Ganieva gave an interview for the German channel Deutsche Welle (Russian).


Alisa Ganieva on a live morning political show "Cactus" on "Навальный live" channel.


Alisa Ganieva's article timed to the 100-years anniversary of the Russian 1917 revolutions came out in a Catalan magazine "El Món d'Ahir".


German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel published a piece of Alisa Ganieva's speech on the Boris Nemtsov Forum in Berlin.


Another review on the Turkish translation of Alisa Ganieva’s “Mountain and the Wall” came out.


Alisa Ganieva presented her last novel’s German translation in Stuttgart.


Alisa Ganieva in the radio Freedom’s report about Boris Nemtsov Forum in Berlin.


Alisa Ganieva spoke at the Boris Nemtsov Forum for freedom in Berlin.


Alisa Ganieva is number 74 among 112 Russian writers ranging "from great, to absolutely freaking great".


On her birthday, September 23, 2017, Alisa Ganieva together with a writer Vladimir Sorokin spoke at the Kapittel book festival in Stavanger, Norway. They discussed Russian literature today and the legacy of the Revolution.


Since September 17 till September 22 Alisa Ganieva was meeting with her readers in the far Kamchatka region.


Alisa Ganieva spoke on the behalf of an innocently arrested Russian historian Yury Dmitriev.


On September 6, 2017, Alisa Ganieva together with a writer from Greece, a winner of the European Union Prize Kallia Papadaki spoke at the Moscow International Book Fair.


Alisa Ganieva is announced to be one of the nine jurors of the Neustadt literary Prize for the next year. "Davis-Undiano called this group “one of the most prestigious Neustadt juries ever.”The biennial Neustadt Prize recognizes great accomplishments in literature and is frequently known as “America’s Nobel” for its reputation as a forerunner to the Swedish Academy’s annual selections".




Actors of the Dmitry Brusnikin Studio read Alisa Ganieva’s short story on the Rostekh Fireworks festival at one of the Moscow parks. After the performance, she gave a talk for the holiday-makers.



Alisa Ganieva told about her favourite books.



Celebrating the reading in the British Library, Rosie Goldsmith and her European Literature Network team made a special Russian issue of the Riveting Russian Magazine, including a small contribution by Alisa Ganieva and the review on her book.



Meet Alisa Ganieva, Boris Akunin, Andrei Kurkov and Zinovy Zinik at the British Library (London) on the 3d of August 2017, at 19-00.



Alisa Ganieva will be the guest of honour at the Xenia Book Fair in Reggio Calabria in Italy. Her event will take place on the 29th of July 2017 at 19-30.



"Undeniably well-written, her clear commitment is to creating dialogue between Russia and its own peripheries". Alisa Ganieva's "The Mountain and the Wall" – among ten best contemporary books about Caucasus according to "The Calvert journal" (UK).



The Spanish resource TuLibrera recommends the Spanish translation of Alisa Ganieva’s “The Mountain and The Wall”.



For two starting weeks of July 2017 Alisa Ganieva is for the third time teaching Global literature and creative writing classes in the Iowa University's “Between the Lines” program (USA).



Alisa Ganieva in the Mail.ru’s material about women of different nationalities and their adjusting to Moscow.



A review on the Dutch translation of Alisa Ganieva’s “The Mountain and the Wall” came out in Netherlands.



Alisa Ganieva's American translator Carol Apollonio about "The Mountain and the Wall" and the upcoming "Bride and Groom"



Alisa Ganieva took part in the June anti-corruption protests in Moscow. The German newspaper Die Welt has published her essay about what she saw.



Alisa Ganieva made a small contribution to the new issue of Spanish Granta magazine dedicated to Earth.



Alisa Ganieva spoke on several public events of the first International book festival in Irkutsk near lake Baikal.



In the beginning of May Alisa Ganieva and other Iowa’s International Writing program’s alumnus gathered together in Morocco to discuss the problems of identity and belonging.



Recently Alisa Ganieva presented her new short story published in the "Millionaire.ru" magazine. The event took place in one of the most popular Moscow libraries.



Alisa Ganieva was among writers who signed a letter in defence of the journalists, threatened by Chechen officials and clergy.



Alisa Ganieva’s short story “Thirteen” came out in Italy in Gulia Marcucci’s translation. It is published in the anthology called «Falce Senza Martello: Racconti post-sovietici.



Alisa Ganieva's short story Thirteen translated by Isaac Stackhouse Wheeler appeared in The Missing Slate American magazine as a story of the week.



Alisa Ganieva's article about the recent anti-corruption meetings in Russia came out in the German newspaper Die Welt.



Alisa Ganieva’s interview came out in the Norwegian Fett magazine



In the end of March Alisa Ganieva took part in the Zeitinburnu 2d International short story festival in Istanbul (Turkey)






In March 2017 Alisa Ganieva’s "The Mountain ans The Wall" came out in Netherlands under the title of "De Russische muur"




On the 21st of March 2017 the Russian Channel One (the main channel of the country) starts broadcasting Pavel Bardin’s TV series "Salam Mascow". Alisa Ganieva was a part of the writers’ group and wrote a special episode for this film. It will be on air on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 00-30.



Alisa Ganieva took part in the London Book Fair-2017.



A new German review on Alisa Ganieva's novel Bride and Groom („Eine Liebe im Kaukasus“) came out: 

"Das Meer ist eine der Schlüsselmetaphern des Romans. Für die Figuren hat das Kaspische Meer eindeutig einen befreienden Charakter. Diese kathartische Wirkung evoziert den Eindruck, dass es hier um viel mehr geht als um zwei gebrochene junge Herzen. Es bleibt das Gefühl, dass Petjas Ausbruch aus diesem geschlossenen Kreis als ein erstes Anzeichen für die grundlegende gesellschaftliche Wende in Dagestan aufzufassen ist, die noch ansteht".



Alisa Ganieva's novel's French edition "La montagne du festin" came out in Gallimard.



As part of 2016's UK-Russia Year of Language and Literature, six creatives (including Alisa Ganieva, Super Furry Animals' Gruff Rhys, Joe Dunthorne plus others) took the 4000km Trans-Siberian Railway journey from Moscow to Siberia. Over the course of the trip, the writers and artists collaborated on music, conversed, witnesses a lesser-seen part of the world and more. Their experiences have been compiled into this documentary, The Storytellers.

      Don't panic Magazine (London)



Alisa Ganieva – in the Top-5 list of the contemporary writers you should know (Russia).



On the 8th of February in Barcelona Alisa Ganieva participated in two public events. One was at the University of Barcelona, the other  at NCO CIEMEN. The events were associated with her participation in the Faber Art Residency in Olot, Catalonia.


February 7, Alisa Ganieva gave a public talk in the Darder Museum in Banyoles, Spain, together with British-Catalonian writer Mathew Tree.



Alisa Ganieva was a guest on a talk-show where the main topic was "Having many children in the family". The programm was broadcast on the Russian TV  channel Kul'tura on 23 January.



On January 22 Alisa Ganieva took part in the anti-Trump Women's March in Barcelona.



Alisa Ganieva became one of the guests of the Faber Art Residency in Olot (Catalonia, Spain).



"This year, as I watched wide-eyed and drop-jawed the deeds and choices of my fellow humans, I read books that probe the alarming sensation of impotence in the face of inertia. Alisa Ganieva’s The Mountain and the Wall, translated from the Russian, struck me as eerily portentous"

      Asymptote, a US journal dedicated to literature in translation



Deutschlandradio Kultur, а German radio station, broadcast a 40-minutes program dedicated to Alisa Ganieva’s Bride and Groom ("Eine Liebe im Kaukasus”) and other books about the Caucasus.



"Libros y literatura" published a warm review of Alisa Ganieva's "La montaña festiva".



Alisa Ganieva, along eighty-nine other writers, journalist, politics, scientists and civil rights activists, signed an open letter in support of the arrested Russian historian Yury Dmitriev.



Alisa Ganieva joined writers resigning the Russian Pen Center to protest its conformist policies.



A Switzerland newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung published a review of Alisa Ganieva’s novel Bride and Groom ("Eine Liebe im Kaukasus”).



“What did the best Russian writers reading in 2016?” Alisa Ganieva answering the question of the Russian RBK media resource together with other writers.



Alisa Ganieva was among the signatories of an appeal to Vladimir Putin demanding that  imprisoned Ukrainian film director Oleg Sentsov be freed.



Germany's  Der Spiegel chose twenty-four books which would make a good presents for the Christmas holidays, including Alisa Ganieva’s novel Bride and Groom ("Eine Liebe im Kaukasus”).




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