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Alisa Ganieva is a writer of fiction and essays. In 2009, her first long story - “Salam, Dalgat!” about her native land in the Caucasus - won the prestigious “Debut" Prize a major literary award for young writers. The significance of the achievement may be judged by the fact that approximately sixty thousand manuscripts were entered in the competition.


Alisa is now the author of two novels, The Mountain And The Wall (Праздничная гора, AST, 2012) and Bride and Groom (Жених и невеста, AST, 2015). She has also published a collection of stories and essays entitled “Salam, Dalgat!” (2010). Alisa is also a winner of the “Triumph Prize,” a noted Russian award for talented writers, artists, actors, and musicians (2010, in the "young winners" category).


Ms. Ganieva has been a finalist for other well-known national literary awards - the Yury Kazakov Prize (in 2010, for the best short story of the year), the Belkin Prize (in 2010, for the best long story of the year), the “Yasnaya Polyana” literary prize (in 2013) and the Russian Booker Prize (in 2015).


Recently, Ms. Ganieva has beеn on the long-list for the “Big Book Prize” (in 2013 and 2015), the National Bestseller Prize (in 2012), and the NOS prize (in 2013).


In 2015, the Britain's The Guardian listed her among the thirty most talented young people in Moscow.


Ganieva’s fiction has beеn translated into several languages and is published in many countries, where it is has been very well received by critics and the public alike.


In the spring of 2016, Ms. Ganieva gave a series of six lectures on Russia at King’s College (London) as an annual cultural resident.


From 2015 to the present Ms. Ganieva has been teaching Creative Writing and Global Literature at the University of Iowa’s summer “Between the Lines” program designed for American, Arab and Russian students. She is also an alumna of Iowa’s International Writing Program. 

She worked as a juror for the Debut Prize (2015) and Russian Booker Prize (2016) in Russia. And in 2017 she is among the jurors of the Neustadt International Prize for Literature.


Books in Russia:

Салам тебе, Далгат! АСТ: Редакция Елены Шубиной, 2010. 320 с. 978-5-17-069107-4, 978-5-271-29617-8

Праздничная гора. - АСТ: Редакция Елены Шубиной, 2012. 256 с. 978-5-271-44515-6

Жених и невеста. - АСТ: Редакция Елены Шубиной, 2015. 288 с. 978-5-17-090287-3


Books in other countries:

Germany - "Die Russische Mauer", 2014, Suhrkamp Verlag.

“Eine Liebe im Kaukasus”, 2016, Suhrkamp Verlag.

France – "Salam, Dalgat!”, 2013, L’Aube.

"La montagne du festin", 2017, Gallimard.

USA - "The Mountain And The Wall", 2015, Deep Vellum.

Spain - "La montaña festiva", 2015, Turner.

Catalonia - "La muntanya de la festa", 2015, L'Altra Editorial.

Italy - "La montagna in festa", 2015, La Nuova Frontiera.

Turkey – "Bayram Dağı", 2016, Tekin.

Netherlands – “De Russische Muur”, 2017, Wereldbibliotheek.

Publication of her last novel is pending in 2017 in the US (Deep Vellum).


Anthologies in Russia

Статьи в сборнике "Молодая кавказская литература" (Олимп, 2009).

Статьи в сборнике "Новая русская критика" (Олимп, 2009).

"Salam, Dalgat!" in "Squaring the Circle" (Glas Publishers, 2010).

"Вечер превращается в ночь" в сборнике "14: Женская проза нулевых" (Астрель, 2012).

"Тринадцать" в сборнике "Красная стрела" (АСТ, 2013).

"Правда или приказ?" в альманахе "Альманах-30" (Буки Веди, 2016).


Anthologies in other countries:

China - "Salam, Dalgat!" in a collection of stories called "Squiring The Circle" (People’s Literature, 2010)

Germany - "Salam, Dalgat!" in "Das schönste Proletariat der Welt" (Suhrkamp, 2011)

"Wir Nationalverräter" in the collection of essays "Euromaidan: Wa in der Ukraine auf dem Spiel steht" (Suhrkamp, 2014)

Spain "Salam, Dalgat!" and “Demonios" in "El segundo circulo" (La otra orilla, 2011)

Italy - "Salam, Dalgat!" in "Il secondo cerchio" (Marco Tropea Editore, 2012)

“Thirteen” in "Falce Senza Martello: Racconti post-sovietici"  (Stilo Editrice, 2017)

Greece "Truth or Dare" in the "Anthology of contemporary Russian prose" (Filntisi, 2016)

Finland - "Putoaminen" in “Toisaalta, kaikkea voi sattua” (Werner Söderström Osakeyhtiö, 2015)

USA – "Shaitans" in the collection of stories "Read.Russia!: an anthology of new voices" (Read Russia, Inc, 2012).

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